About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a physical, psychological and emotional therapy, and is a synthesis of Western and Chinese principles and practices. It is a Somatic Psychotherapy as it works with the physical body to heal and enhance the mind, body and brain. It is also a subconscious therapy as it accesses the deep parts of the human Psyche, where most problems reside. Kinesiology is not a fringe, alternative therapy sometimes unfortunately portrayed by some, but is a powerful treatment modality, often even with quite complex and treatment resistant human problems. When a person is experiencing stress, illness or some kind of suffering, they have an ‘Imbalance within their system’. This ‘Imbalance’ is then detectable through the persons symptoms and what is known as ‘muscle monitoring’. Unique to Kinesiology is the practice of muscle  monitoring, an acquired art and skill where the practitioner applies a gentle manual pressure to a clients limbs set in specific positions. The way that limb and muscle responds during the testing gives particular information on potential imbalances within the mind/body system and, more importantly, how to correct those imbalances. The correction points are located on the torso, head and  limbs and, because the corrections happen in real time, it is not unusual for a client to experience relief and improvement within a session – often noticeably. This is particularly true for pain. In fact, Kinesiology may be the most effective non-pharmaceutical treatment for pain in the world today, and it may also well become an important part of the next generation of treatment options in Mental Health care.

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